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First digital-Tughra calligraphy in the world!

We create a digital calligraphy with your name (first and last name [+ profession/title]) as vector graphics in the form of Tugra or Moon+Star with Arabic or Latin calligraphy.

Give your family and your special guests a unique calligraphy, with their personal names.

In addition to the digital printing in different colors and effects from our catalog , you can get your individual "calligraphy" on stamps, T-shirts, plates, tiles, mugs, badges, cars and as signs

Your calligraphy work can be supplied with e-mail as a vector file (in addition to image files as additional service).

Upon request, your calligraphy can be supplied as an individual font as bonus with the vector file.

Properties of Tughra's:

  • The Tughras ere created digitally in the form of late Ottoman Tughras like tugras of Abdulhamid II, or Mahmud II). Several examples can be seen in our gallery.
  • Tughras only include your first and last name. Upon request, parents' names (that includes the Ottoman Tughras)or job titles can be added.
  • According to the draft manual on paper, the works are digitally created with graphics programs.
  • When completed they will be sent to you by e-mail.

Do not forget that such an individual calligraphy is just for you!

VECTOR GRAPHICS: Vector graphics are created by graphic programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or CAD programs. In a vector file, all objects are described by their shape (outline), filling. The contour is a mathematically described curve. The biggest advantage of vector graphics is the free scalability without quality loss!

Tughra(Ottoman Turkish: tugra, modern Turkish spelling: Tugra) is a calligraphic seal or signature of an Ottoman sultan that was affixed to all official documents and correspondence. It was also carved on his seal and stamped on the coins minted during his reign.

Delivery Methods:

1. Mailing by post: There will be additional shipping charges.

2. E-Mail: There are no shipping costs.

Delivery Time: Basic services for approximately 2 weeks, with further services total 1 month, and in addition to the permanent mission post.

We would like to make individual offer for you in larger quantities or combinations.

The individual prices can be given on request by e-mail or telephone . You can reach us by email or phone using the contact area.

Shipping charges shall be paid by the customer.

PAYMENT: Because it is a personal art work and can not be used otherwise, the payment must be made in advance when placing the order.


We write your First and Lastname in Tughra Style of Ottoman Sultans. Your title (like Prof. Dr.) or homeland(like Istanbul..) can also be added at the right side.

Personal Tughras are special artworks which reflect your name!


In addition to the digital personal tughras we offer also other Tughras und Calligraphy artworks as digital prints or other kinds of prints/graves.

Additional Services: Personal Tughras as Stamps, Wall Tattoos, Car-Tattoos, Laser gravurs on wood plates/leather calenders, hand-made gravurs, ceramics, cups and glasses...


Our art works stand for quality

Crown your artwork passion with your Personal Tughras for You, Your Family, Friends and Special Guests.


Contact us for more information by phone or e-mail "info(at)Tugra-Style.com" .

Tel: +49 - 176 - 652 20 832
Tel: +90 - 505 - 659 06 46 (Turkey)

E-Mail: info(at)Tugra-Style.com

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