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"Our new collection for our MARTYR at the coup attempt on 15th Juli 2016"

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Ottoman Sultans had their own symbols of rule called TUGRA, an imperial monogram of the Ottoman Sultan. Each of these Tugras was a masterpiece of the Ottoman Calligraphy Art and they were used on state documents as the seal of the Ottoman Sultans.

Would you like to get a private Tugra with your name?

We write your First and Lastname (name of father or mother in addition) with arabic and latin script in Ottoman Tugra style as PRIVATE CUSTOM TUGRA. Your title or homeland can also be added at the right side (like Prof. Dr. or Turkey, Istanbul..).

You can surprise your friends with a private unique Tugra as special gift in birthday, valentine’s day and cristmas.

PERSONAL TUGRA reflect your name as special artworks!

We offer your tugra also on Stamp (also seal), silver Necklace, laser engraved Plaques (wood or acrylic) and Ceramic tiles.

Wall stickers or wall decals are the new trend of modern home decorating. We offer the private name tugra and our other unique designs like calligraphy works, skylines (Istanbul, Berlin, Orient..) as WALL STICKERS.

Wall decals are made by cutting plotters from vector files with sharp contours. You get them on transfer paper to stick them easily onto your wall, car, laptop or furniture.

We combined our wall stickers with an integrated wall clock as a new decorating product: Wall CLOCK Stickers.

Further we combined our wall sticker designs (and more new designs) with an integrated clock on a mirror background and created personalized wall clocks in frames: PERSONALIZED Mirror Wall CLOCKS

You can personalize your home or office with our Wall Stickers and Custom Mirror Wall Clocks of your private name Tugras, Calligraphy works, Skylines of famous cities and further designs from our catalog.

"We are at your service with our unique PERSONAL TUGRA DESIGN" service.





We write your First and Lastname in Tughra Style of Ottoman Sultans. Your title (like Prof. Dr.) or homeland(like Istanbul..) can also be added at the right side.

Personal Tughras are special artworks which reflect your name!


In addition to the digital personal tughras we offer also other Tughras und Calligraphy artworks as digital prints or other kinds of prints/graves.

Additional Services: Personal Tughras as Stamps, Wall Tattoos, Car-Tattoos, Laser gravurs on wood plates/leather calenders, hand-made gravurs, ceramics, cups and glasses...


Our art works stand for quality

Crown your artwork passion with your Personal Tughras for You, Your Family, Friends and Special Guests.


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