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President of Germany - Joachim Gauck - Custom Tugra Calligraphy Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat

Our Custom Tugra Calligraphy with Latin letters made for President of Germany Mr. Joachim Gauck, given on Monday, 22th October 2012, in Berlin Türk Sehitlik Mosque as a gift.

Bundespraesident-Joachim-Gauck-Tugra Bundespraesident-Joachim-Gauck-Tugra Bundespraesident-Joachim-Gauck-Tugra

Erik Ole Paulsen - Historian/Author Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat

Erik Ole Paulsen, Historian/Author, Norway: Well known Norwegian historian and author Erik O. Paulsen, also known under his titles The Laird Paulsen of Glencairn(Scotland) and Pan von Nettelhorst(Courland), as a keen Orientalist commissioned Tugra-Style.com in 2011 to design his personal tuğra. The tuğra was intended for decorative and practical purposes. A stamp was made for authentication of his signature and “Ex Libris”. Paulsen recommends Tugra-Style.com for their artistic professionalism and service-mindedness.

Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat

F Erdilli Otel - Custom Tugra Modern Style Tugra_calligraphy_Hattat

F Erdilli Hotel modern style tugra as sign and logo.

F-Erdilli-Otel-Gourmet-Food-Tugra F-Erdilli-Otel-Gourmet-Food-Tugra F-Erdilli-Otel-Gourmet-Food-Tugra F-Erdilli-Otel-Gourmet-Food-Tugra
İstanbul Eşarp ve ÇantaA
İstanbul Eşarp ve Çanta, a bag shop in Kocaeli Gebze / Turkey

Besmele Tughra on a car
Besmele Tughra on a car as sticker
Tughras from Government of Kocaeli - Gebze / TurkeyA
Tughras from Government of Kocaeli - Gebze / Turkey Adnan Köşker and Mehmet Külte
Kâbe-i MuazzamaA
This Ka'be picture was painted directly on the wall with special stencil film
Arzu Adak - EbruzenA
Arzu Adak, is an "Ebruzen", a marble or "Turkish " paper maker...